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. we begin with breaking news from u.s. district court regarding the federal case
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against former illinois congressman jesse jackson, jr., and his wife. just moments ago, jackson entered a plea of guilty for misusing campaign funds for personal use. our bruce johnson joins us live. >> reporter: jc, we're here even though he's an illinois congressman, the name jesse jackson, the jesse jackson family is quite known in this country, almost royalty in the civil rights movement and in democratic circles. jesse jackson, jr., 47 years old, the disgraced resigned congressman from illinois was here in u.s. district court as you say a short time ago. he arrived with his attorney, entered a guilty plea inside federal court to wire and mail fraud and false statements charges. actually one charge, all of that was wrapped into a conspiracy charge. he's looking at more than five years in prison, a fine of $250,000. now, legal experts don't expect him to get that much. they do expect him to do some prison time. you know he was treated for a
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bipolar disorder. we don't know how that will come into play. the reverend jesse jackson was here along with his wife, jackie, and four of their other siblings were here. also, sandra jackson was in the courtroom. she's going to be arraigned later. she's also charged in this case with making a false statement on her income tax returns. nobody had anything to say to us except for the attorney for jesse jackson, jr. and here's what he had to say following the guilty plea inside. >> jesse needed to come to terms with his misconduct and those who were in court saw he did precisely that he had to come to terms for conduct that people who care about him find very hard to understand. and the process that begins now is explaining thatten come duct to the audience that counts -- conduct to the audience that counts and that's obviously the sentencing judge. it's not going to be on the courthouse steps, not to oprah, no offense to oprah. we're going to do it as lawyers. we're going to do it with court documents, with evidence, with
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witnesses, and with argument and i hope you all respect that. >> reporter: bottom line, he took no questions, no answers from reporters. they're going to make the case that this was a very sick individual who engaged in these types of crime. inside jesse jackson, jr. cried profusely throughout the proceeding. he told the judge after steadfastly looking back at his mother, almost a distraction at one point, his attorneys kind of had to remind you you need to be facing the judge, he said to the judge i fully understand the consequences of my actions. now, he had nothing to say to us. we don't expect to hear from him. we should also point out he had a lot of political heavyweights here with him, willy gary, one of itself most noted -- the most noted civil attorneys in the country, flew his own plane in for this proceeding today. also, judy smith, the noted woman who flies in and swoops down when political figures like michael vick and others get in trouble. she was here helping to handle
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and form the response to all of this. so a lot of people surrounding him. very little to be said to us except for those comments you heard from the attorney. we're going to have more on that. also later today, the u.s. attorney will have something to say about this case. bruce johnson reporting live from u.s. district court, wusa9. jc? >> thank you very much, bruce. we are now learning more about the second suitland high school student killed in as many days. the victim's mother says that her son aaron kidd was about to become a father next month. she says she dropped him off at school in the morning never to see him again. delia goncalves picks up the story from there in forestville. >> reporter: it is yet another sad day here at suitlands high school. school leaders releasing a statement saying they're horrified to learn that tragedy has struck yet another student in a 24-hour time span. they go on to say that we cannot go another day without addressing this unspeakable violence against our students.
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>> it still makes you want to cry. >> reporter: 15-year-old freshman chuck walker killed for a pair of shoes. 24 hours later aaron kidd gunned down, motive unknown. the victim's mother tells me off camera her son was visiting friends in the 3700 block of donnell drive in forestville when he and his 18-year-old acquaintance were gunned down. police are still looking for a suspect but she believes a man riding a bike and wearing a ski mask committed the crime. >> everyone wants to be a gangster. you need to be focused on your school work. you need to get out that bondage in your mind. >> i'm just as angry as they are. >> reporter: all of rushern baker's children attend suitland high. he will redirect resources to the six most violent communities. >> right now work on summer jobs for our kids. work on making sure we're getting health care into these areas and that we're having the police presence in these areas. >> reporter: and knowing
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residents, including the victim's mother, now fear retaliation, he says teens need counseling to deal with their anger in nonviolent ways n. forestville, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> the county executive adds he's forming a task force to address crime in the county. in fairfax county, police say a woman who was found murdered in her burning home was pregnant. firefighters found jennifer pierson's body monday morning inside her second-floor apartment on waterside view drive. investigators say that she suffered trauma to her upper body before that fire was started. police have not identified a suspect or a motive in this case. prince george's county police believe the gunman involved in a deadly overnight shooting was high on pcp. officers were called to a 7- eleven on branch avenue in hillcrest heights, maryland.
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investigators say the victim was pumping gasoline but ran when the gunman approached him. he was shot and died a short time later. police say they had to use a taser in order to take down the suspect. authorities have not released the names of the victim or the suspect. a 4-year-old girl injured in a fire in southeast washington last weekend unfortunately has died. the fire began sunday morning on 33rd street. six people inside the home escaped. firefighters had to go back inside in order to pull the girl out of a second-floor room and the girl was suffering from smoke inhalation and burns. the owner of the home was arrested and charged with assault. police say that he got into a fight with one of his tenants. the cause of that fire is still being investigated. defense attorneys in one of d.c.'s biggest murder cases claim the conviction was based on a lie. after two months of secret
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hearings, a judge has released recent documents from the chandra levy murder case, although they are heavily edited. defense attorneys allege that prosecutors have known for nearly a year about serious questions surrounding a witness who helped convict ingmar guandique. the defense is demanding that guandique get a new trial. still to come when the news continues, we'll tell you what happened when olympic runner and accused killer oscar pistorius went to court today
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olympian oscar pistorius went to a south african courtroom for a bail hearing. the dramatic day of testimony made it feel more like a murder trial. >> reporter: oscar pistorius spent much of the day in tears as prosecutors in south africa
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revealed new details about their premeditated murder case against him. the athlete sobbed in the closed court hearing as a detective described how he found reeva steenkamp lying dead at the bottom of the stairs in pistorius' home, her body wrapped in towels. prosecutors say the runner cornered his lover in a bathroom the size of a locker and opened fire hitting her in the head, arm and hip. pistorius claims he thought she was an intruder. the paraolympic superstar known as the blade run forehis prosthetic legs says he was not wearing them at the time of the shooting. but a police detective says the bullets were fired through the top of the bathroom door suggesting the athlete was on his artificial legs. police also say a neighbor heard nonstop shouting but the defense points out that witness lives half a mile away. and the defense also naught back after a detective said he found boxes of steroids and needles in the bedroom. pistorius' lawyers say the
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officer read the label in the dark and what he found was an herbal remedy. the case has not even gone to trial yet but south africans are watching their national hero's murder case closely. >> it's difficult for me to accept this, but i hope that justice will be served in court. >> reporter: police say pistorius is a flight risk and should be kept in jail until trial. cbs news. coming up next, howard has our forecast. >> jc, we've got some cold windy conditions in the area. they're going to be around for a little while. i want to show you the gusts as we head toward break. winds gusting over 30 miles an hour at andrews. only 22 in d.c. 31 in petersburg. full forecast seven-day coming up
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>> we want to encourage february 25, next monday at 9:00 p.m. it was a mid-atlantic icon. people from both maryland, d.c. and virginia, millions of people passed through the doors. this is from the ticket window, passed through the club in its 45 years of existence. >> what will we learn in this documentary when we watch it? >> we have great stories from people, great music. we have rare footage, the first ever mtv remote apartment the bayou. eva cassidy, the last performance ever was at the bayou. dire straights, bruce springsteen music. this was a 14-year labor of love. i want to thank my partners. everybody worked for free on this project. and we're very grateful to have this on maryland public television february 25 at 9:00 p.m. >> why was it such a passion for you? >> great history. when we started the project, we had no idea what history the
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club had. it started as a dixieland club in the '50s. we had a stripper there in the '60s by the name of julie gibson. then the at vent of rock 'n' roll, dave matthews played. everybody went through the biew use if they came to -- the biew use if they came -- biew use if -- bayou if they came to d.c. >> let me tell you about dave. dave interned right here on channel 9 at our assignment desk. people come through channel 9 and they go on to be great and wonderful people. congratulations to you. we wish you best of luck on this project. >> thank you very much. and everybody, please watch the film on monday. >> i'm going to be watching. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. let's go to howard and get the forecast. >> a biting wind today. sky cover a little more than anticipated that will also keep the temps down. they'll get to the upper 30s. down south a little bit different story. fredricksburg down to the northern neck. some low 40s down there.
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but a chilly day. then by 9:00, we'll be down to 30 in d.c. with 20s in the suburbs. we're going down in the upper teens and mid-20s tonight. let's talk about the clouds first. snow showers in the mountains here. you can see these. see these little lines here? when the winds hit the mountain, they go up and down. that's taking motion ending up as wave clouds coming toward maryland right now. there are a lot more north of town than south of town. that's why temperatures colder north. we're still in the 20s in hagerstown. freezing in winchester. only 30 in frederick and gaithersburg. south it's in the low 40s at tappahannock and reedville. culpeper 43 right now. here in d.c. we've got 37. but with those winds, the windchills are a factor. it's feeling like zero in oakland in garrett county. windchill 14 hagerstown, feeling like 25 in annapolis and the windchill 306 in manassas -- 30 in manassas.
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so lighter winds. not nearly as oppressive down south. mosley cloudy skies right -- mostly cloudy skies right now in washington with 37 degrees. the air is drying out with a sign of the arctic origin of the air mass we're dealing with right now. humidity 37%. at the surface it is bone dry and going to say that way for the next couple of days. let's talk about our weather headlines. very cold tonight. teens to mid-20s. windy again tomorrow. not as windy as today but another day where windchills will probably be in the low 30s, even though temps get a little warmer in the low 40s. light rain possible friday and early friday. now we've got that sleet, potential freezing rain that could be occurring in areas west and northwest if it's cold enough and the precip gets here soon enough. there's a lot of precip. look what's going on from kansas back toward arkansas and missouri. there's snow there but that's only half the story. lots of energy coming through california and arizona. they have blizzard warnings in the mountains outside of
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tucson. winter storm warnings all over the southwest through the central part of the country now. kansas looking at a foot, foot and a half, maybe two feet of snow out of this into missouri and northwest oklahoma. as this moisture moves east, looks like some will scoot south and some of it will scoot north. we may get that old d.c. split with snow lovers or any winter lovers, doesn't look like much headed our way. we're good through thursday, no problems here. then watch the system as it heads our way friday. here's that piece friday morning going south. here we are by midday north. we may see something break out here but right now looks like it will be a rather light event. so i put a yellow alert out for friday earlier. we may be dropping that to green. check with topper. windy and cold today, 38. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy up north. tonight we're in the upper teens to mid-20s. thursday 42. a few more clouds late. friday a mix possible, light rain showers, chilly, 39. showers saturday, milder, 49. then drier on sunday, highs in
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the upper 40s. we're going to the kitchen. got some sweet treats for
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all right. you should support local farmers. i've been telling you that. and also savor the wonderful flavor of gelato. you can do that by buying this. they have several stores. they just opened in fairfax. and i have one of the owners, rob duncan. he and his wife are the owners of this. they brought me some samples. what makes this so good? >> one thing that makes it so good is the ingredients that go into it. they are the real ingredients,
12:26 pm
whether it's fruit or the chocolate, and the fact that it's also freshly made. >> what is this? >> this is blood orange. it's in season. they come from california. in another two or three weeks we'll change to the sicilian blood oranges. we don't use paste, powders, purees, we get the whole blood orange in and we strain out the pulp and spin them up. the ingredients are for me the most important thing. whether you're cooking in your home or the kitchen or making something for a business. if you use good ingredients, it's hard to screw it up, you know. >> how did you start getting into the business of making gelato? >> a long story. i met my wife traveling in south america. i moved to argentina where she's from and in buenos aires, there's loads of italians. >> come on over here. she's so pretty. come, come, come. so does she come up with some of the ideas for the flavors?
12:27 pm
>> well, you know, i am in the kitchen. i'm the one making most of the flavors. >> i dot decorations. >> she is the glue that holds everything together. >> it's in georgetown, it's in bethesda, it's in dupont circle and you just opened a store in fairfax and it's called dolcezza and it's delicious. absolutely delicious. i'm going to give you this one. you don't need to take this. which one do you want? look at the chocolate. >> i'll dot chocolate. -- i'll do the chocolate. we sound them at the downtown farmers market as well. we spin what is in season, the milk and the cream. it stains like red wine. >> what is this? >> pineapple, raw honey and lime. >> cheers, everybody. >> that is really creamy. >> delicious. >> it's like smoky, super bitter. >> it is so good. and there's nothing like great
12:28 pm
gelato. it bucks up ice cream and i love ice cream. >> it leaves it in the dust. >> nice finish to the day with this. come back and visit us at 5:00. we're going to have a party. bye-bye.
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